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Group Therapy

In these challenging times, the support of a group can be a powerful tool in preventing and coping with many of the symptoms you or your child may be experiencing. Groups are offered via tele-therapy and facilitated by a therapist on a weekly or monthly schedule. Get the accountability you need to reach your goals and not slip into negative coping patterns.

Adult Accountability Groups provide support and connection. Addressing each individual's needs to express as well as a collective group healing and providing a safe space to grow and learn. Work on coping strategies and increase your ability to handle stress and anxiety. Groups are limited to 6 people and meet for 6 months to a year to allow for a consistent and interactive environment. 


Group Therapy also provides the support and social-emotional wellness for your children helping them cope in these circumstances while increasing emotional intelligence. Kids Emotional IQ Groups provide the tools for kids to maintain a balanced social-emotional wellness during a very unbalanced time. Kids connect and talk about a range of question prompts to help them connect their brains to their bodies. These facilitated questions and lessons help manage behaviors and emotions. Talking with peers in a group setting help them express and label emotions and recognize others' emotions. It creates a space for empathy and understanding of themselves and their peers. Groups are limited to 6 children at a time and meet weekly for 3-6 months. 

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