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More About Me

As an artist and psychotherapist, I have a variety of skills and services to offer clients. I incorporate art modalities as a way to work out underlying issues, such as bereavement, loss, trauma, life transitions, medical illness, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and relational difficulties. I have extensive experience working with children and families, especially in the areas of art and play therapy, and facilitating parenting discussion groups.

I work with many female clients, focusing on women’s issues, such as life transitions in adolescence, young adulthood, postpartum depression, and menopause. I focus on early attachment after the birth of a child and help families create a healthy and secure parent-baby bonding by helping families increase their coping skills and address any postpartum symptoms. I also work with men and issues that they may be experiencing in relationships and childhood.


I am experienced in life-transitions and life coaching, including career and image consulting, adulting, and parent-teen relationships. I use a strength-based and solution-focused approach while offering straightforward cognitive-behavior interventions for short-term therapy. I have a systems approach when working with individuals and families and enlists many different supportive networks to wrap around and provide a whole-body-mind approach to treatment. 

I am married to my college sweetheart and have two amazing children and a Labradoodle. I enjoy all things ocean and mountains and love spending time with my family. 

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