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Anxiety and a Pandemic

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

She felt her world closing in. She lived her life with a set of actions that made it so she could function in it. She hand sanitizer in her car, purse, diaper bag, and gym bag. She followed every outbreak of potential diseases, wore masks for flu prevention, and didn't share drinks.

She lived her life as if germs were on every surface and have the potential to harm her and her family at any moment. She knew it was irrational thinking. Her Anxiety was manifest in illness and germs.

You may know this as Anxiety.

In the beginning of COVID-19, we were told to wipe down packages and groceries. We were instructed to shelter in place and social distance and wear masks.

People who struggle with Anxiety might have replaced their irrational fears about the world - and now those fears were becoming a reality. People who are not typically worried about germs or illness were doing the things that people managing Anxiety have done for a long time. People were living the way that anxious people have convinced themself and others NOT to live. Many peoples' irrational and fictional world were becoming a reality.

I can understand these irrational thoughts and have helped many clients with different kinds of Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive behaviors. I understand the feelings of a panic-attack and a generalized sense of Anxiety. As a psychotherapist, I have implemented the tools that I use with clients on my own life. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and talk-therapy as well as yoga and mindfulness training have been very helpful in my life.

The world is facing a pandemic and we are still learning about the virus and how to stay safe and keep others safe. We are trying to move forward and re-introduce things back into our lives and restrictions are being lifted. Many who have dealt with Anxiety are trying to find ways to manage the re-entry and many who have never had Anxiety are experiencing symptoms for the first time and managing a new way of living.

The state of our world and the changes in it can affect you, your kids, your spouse, family member, friend, or co-worker. Whether it is dealing with the pandemic, an upcoming election, the uncertainty of your job, childcare, or finances. These are all things that can increase your stress and anxiety. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace, but don't suffer from Anxiety alone. Get help, reach out, and stay well. Think Well.


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